TDM & DryAIR Save the Day

TDM recently Provided a cost effective solution to a "show stopping" problem confronting a local fuel handling contractor. The contractor responsible for providing the Portland Harbor marine community with diesel fuel ran into a problem with their moisture detectors in an underground fuel pipe. The problem was caused by water being inadvertently introduced into the pipe during transfer in this particularly wet Spring and early Summer. The extra moisture alarmed and effectively shut their system down.

TDM provided the solution by quickly assembling a rental package comprised of a Doosan P185WJD-T4I diesel portable compressor accessorized with a DryAIR 250TM Tongue Mounted aftercooler and separator trap. In addition, the compressed air was further dried to a -40 degree pressure dew point thru the use of a 300cfm, dual tower, and a desiccant air dryer to finish the job. This powerful rental package provided dry purge air which flowed through the underground pipe system for 4 days drying the pipe and its inner moisture detectors.Fueling has been restored to the critical Marine industry as a result of the quick thinking of a TDM Applications Engineer and our knowledgeable Doosan Portable Utility Equipment Team.

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