Electric Rotary Screw Compressors at Shawnee Peak

Trask-Decrow Machinery was pleased to assist Shawnee Peak in implementing a new snow making, compressor package at their ski area, located in Bridgeton, Maine. This system is powered by a 2000 KVA transformer and power distribution panel capable of running up to six 900 CFM, electric driven, rotary screw compressor units. These new compressors augment the three existing 1600 CFM diesel compressors that are currently being used and will eliminate the need for three additional rental compressors.

This impressive new snow making package will considerably lower Shawnee's dependence on diesel fuel as well as lower the costs of operation and maintenance for the mountain. The benefits of operating electric compressors are:

  • Reduced energy costs for Shawnee Peak
  • Reduced stack emissions for a cleaner environment
  • Reduced noise levels for a quieter resort environment
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to the elimination of the diesel engines

With cleaner, more economical snow making power just waiting to be harnessed Shawnee Peak is anxious for the snow making to begin!

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