TDM highlights Dry AIR at ICUEE

TDM representatives Chuck Decrow, President; Mark Callahan, Portable Equipment Sales; and Deidre Briggs, Administrative Assistant; recently visited Louisville, Kentucky to show the utility and construction industries how its DryAir aftercoolers could benefit their businesses. The show featured 862 exhibitors, 17,505 visitors, and 1,173,957 square feet of show space. The ICUEE was massive in scope and incredible to see! It proved to be a high quality event that allowed attendees to personally explore 2 of TDM's 3 DryAir aftercoolers and learn how removing the moisture from their compressed air will result in better working blast media as well as extend the life of their tools. The DryAir booth received great foot traffic and those who stopped by were impressed with the value that these aftercoolers could add to most businesses using portable compressors. DryAir debuted beautifully!

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