TDM Introduces the DryAIR Aftercooler

TDM's DryAIR Aftercooler designed to remove moisture from your portable compressor discharge air.  In addition, the air is cooled to within 20 degrees of ambient temperatures.  The 12VAA250 is a completely self-contained aftercooler package in a construction skid with lifting bail and expanded metal heat exchanger guard.  A heavy-duty moisture separator with manual bleed drain traps the condensed moisture and removes it from the system.  The package also includes a 1 micron coalescing filter with drain.

An integral pressure switch that starts a 12-volt fan automatically, only when the system is pressurized, controls this unit.  A 13 foot power cord with alligator clips provides a power connection to the portable air compressor’s on-board battery.

Chicago fittings are provided on the inlet and outlet connections for versatility in the field.  A ring terminal adaptor, for permanent installation to the battery, and 10’ hose for connection to the compressor are also available.

TDM is ready to share this growth with you, we're seeking distributors for our DryAir product line, and offer a generous dealer package.  This is an excellent opportunity to get involved, and grow with us!  For further information regarding this value added package, call and ask for Chuck Decrow, TDM President.

Contact a representative at 800-287-1538 for more information on our DryAir Aftercooler…and see our website at today!

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