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Cannon Mountain Install

Cannon Mountain InstallTDM is proud to be part of the installation of a new snowmaking package for Cannon Mountain in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

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Sealsaver To The Canyons Resort

SealsaverAnother Sealsaver is leaving TDM! This one is on its way to The Canyons Resort, in Utah, where it will pump clean flush water into the mechanical seals of their snowmaking pumps.

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DryAIR 250FS For Sale

DryAIR 250FS For SaleTDM began filming a promotional video for our DryAIR aftercoolers last week and is selling the 250 cfm, free standing unit used in that shoot.

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Another DryAIR Out the Door

DryAIR aftercoolerCinanbro, one of Maine's largest contractors, brought another one of TDM's DryAIR aftercoolers with their newest Doosan P185 portable compressor.

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Testing our DryAIR Aftercooler

Testing DryAIR AftercoolerWe were able to do some testing with our DryAIR 250FS unit and were all impressed with how much moisture the aftercooler pulled from the compressed air of the Doosan C185 portable compressor.

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Peerless Pumps, Before & After

Peerless Pumps, Before & AfterThese three, Peerless, cooling tower pumps recently came through our shop for a thorough inspection and overhaul.

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