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Testing our DryAIR Aftercooler

Testing DryAIR AftercoolerWe were able to do some testing with our DryAIR 250FS unit and were all impressed with how much moisture the aftercooler pulled from the compressed air of the Doosan C185 portable compressor.

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Peerless Pumps, Before & After

Peerless Pumps, Before & AfterThese three, Peerless, cooling tower pumps recently came through our shop for a thorough inspection and overhaul.

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Flygt Fish Attraction Pump

Flygt MixerThis cool looking Flygt mixer is being used as a "fish attraction" pump at Brookfield Renewable Power in West Enfield, Maine.

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IMO Oil Pump

IMO Oil PumpAll of these parts belong to an IMO oil pump that lives in a power generation plant in Massachusetts.

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New Bowl Assemblies for Rebuilt Pumps

New Bowl AssembliesThese pumps have rebuilt heads and brand new bowl assemblies and have been completely over hauled by our Service Department.

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Gould, Single Stage, Pump Repair

Gould Single Stage PumpThis Gould, single stage, pump came to Trask-Decrow Machinery for an emergency repair.

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